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Waxing Specialist / Lead Eyebrow Designer / Greenwich Manager

Amanda’s interest for the beauty industry developed early on. Growing up in Brazil her parents owned beauty supply stores and she watched and helped her family run the business while discovering her love for everything beauty-related.
Amanda joined the Waxing Spot in 2010 shortly after its opening. She initially learned the art of waxing directly from the Waxing Spot founders Veri and Rosemery, and later attended classes to get additional professional training and obtain her waxing license.
 While working at The Waxing Spot, Amanda attended WCSU, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. After a couple years working as an accountant Amanda realized her true passion was the beauty industry. She missed and longed for the daily interactions with clients and workdays that are always new and exciting.  In 2017, Amanda returned to the Waxing spot full time as a waxing specialist and manager of our newly opened Greenwich location. Her attention to details and strong people skills have helped her succeed in our industry while develop long lasting relationships with clients and co-workers.
Amanda has a passion for the outdoors and photography. Her interests include hiking, running, volleyball, and soccer.

Waxing Specialist / Lead Eyebrow Designer / Greenwich Assistant Manager

Andreza was born in Minas Gerais Brazil, and moved to the United States at the age of 13. She has an intense passion for Nutrition and fitness, loves to motivate people to feel and look their best by focusing on living a healthier life style. Andreza has always had an interest and desire in the field of beauty and her Esthetician license compliments her skills by giving her the necessary experience to better diagnose skin issues and conditions, allowing her give our clients the best experience possible. After completion of her course in eyebrow design in 2016, she became infatuated with the field and has since amassed numerous courses and certificates.
She joined, The Waxing Spot team in 2017 , where she completed an intensive im house training process to affirm her skills and technique in the highest level. As a Lead Eyebrow Artist, her hard work and dedication has made her an integral part of our team. As the beauty industry continuous with countless innovations, Andreza is current under training for the art of microblading to expand her skills and expertise even further in the beauty field.

Waxing Specialist - Lead Eyebrow Designer

Kvan was born in Thailand, then later moved to Cambodia before eventually landing in the states in 2002. Growing up, she had always gravitated towards art and beauty, but went down the healthcare route. While in school to become a nurse, she worked as a nursing assistant, as well as at a beauty counter in retail. She also freelanced as a makeup artist during this time, which is when she realized just how much she loves taking care of people and making them look and feel their best. She eventually decided to leave college and pursue her ambitions in beauty school where she obtained her cosmetology license. From there, she has gone on to do everything under the sun from hair to facials, and now primarily focuses on brows and waxing. This has allowed her inner artistic abilities to flourish. When her clients leave her chair feeling their best, she is happiest.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling so as to sample delicious foods of all varieties and explore new cultures and experiences. She loves spending time with her family, as well as trying new hobbies together.

Waxing Specialist / Lead Eyebrow Designer

Carolina grew up watching her father own and operate his restaurants. Inspired by his kindness and hospitality impacted every customers day and how excited they were to return. This is what made Carolina realize she wanted to emulate that same positivity and service, regardless of whatever industry she entered. At the age of 20, is when Carolina entered the beauty business through makeup counters. She fell in love with skin and makeup, and decided to start her own freelance makeup business. Her brand relationships grew stronger, and was promoted corporate ladder where she became the companies youngest ever Account Executive. However,  she realized how much she missed her one on one time with clients, and decided to leave her job in NYC and go to The New York School of Esthetics. She found her true passion, waxing. At The Waxing Spot, Carolina loves to build her relationships through fun conversations and striving for perfect customer service with every single visit.

Waxing Specialist - Lead Eyebrow Designer

Alissa was raised in Pelham, NY and recently moved to Greenwich CT. Alissa attended Quinnipiac University and graduated with her bachelors degree in marketing. She also attended Christine Valmy school of esthetics in Manhattan where she received her NY esthetician license, while also obtaining a CT license. Alissa has a passion for the beauty and fashion industries. She loves working in the customer service industry as she always wants her clients feeling and looking more beautiful than they did before. Alissa loves to learn about each of her clients she meets at the Waxing Spot and engage in a friendly connection with them! She lives by the phrase “give good energy, get good energy”. Her other passions are makeup, designing, and eating delicious foods while spending quality time with family and friends.

Waxing Specialist - Lead Eyebrow Designer

Vanessa was born in Brooklyn, NY and attended Brittany Beauty Academy where she earned her license in Esthetics. In order to accomplish this, she attended school at night while working as an Assistant Teacher for special needs children during the day and a full-time mom to four children.
From an early age, Vanessa cultivated a love for the beauty industry and she embarked on this journey with the goal to make people feel beautiful and empowered. Her love for her work motivated her to take extra courses in full body waxing while attending Brittany Beauty Academy in order to further expand her knowledge and become more well rounded in the field.
Vanessa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and dancing. Guided by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ words “I am a woman above everything else” she strives to inspire other women to love on themselves, starting with prioritizing self-care.
Vanessa’s two daughters  have expressed interest in fashion design, showing promise to follow in their mother’s footsteps. When she told them that she would be attending beauty school, they said “Mommy is going to make them pretty and we are going to dress them